Meeting up. Having a get together. Going out. Hen do. Stag party. Grandma’s 70th birthday party. Cousin Jack’s wedding. There will be fun & good times. There will be photos & videos. Share them with @vent, the album of your life.


You’ve organised a night out with a mixed crowd of friends, some you know well, others not so much. Some great pics get taken, and then there’s that video. But will you all get to see them? Are all your friends connected on social media?  Tired of all the WhatsApp group notifications?  

So what is @vent?

Your Grandma is 70 and her party is a real special occasion, so many friends & family get together for this unique event. But how do you let everyone know how to share their pictures? So many memories just don’t get shared when the party’s over.

@vent lets you create an event, invite guests to join the event and then upload their pictures & videos to that private event-specific album. All in real time, as the moment happens, the memories are captured and shared.

Then stored in date stamped folders.


Events are easy to join and are displayed in date order, event by event.

Create or join an event with just a few taps by using the unique event code. 

QR code and other joining features coming soon. 

1 Party 1 feed

If they've joined the event on @vent, you'll see their posts in the event feed.   

3rd Eye

Not at an event ? See your friends event posts in the Explore Feed. 

Friends only

Too many people in an event. Simply tap "Friends"  and you only see your friends posts from that event.  


Like, flag, comment on posts and share them directly to Facebook & Twitter.  

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