White Label Programme

The Rottweiler Production’s White Label Programme is at the heart of our mission to create a powerful network and ecosystem comprised of multiple organisations on a decentralised blockchain network. And to do so with transparency whilst rewarding our partners and the users equitably in return for their contributions. 

The Programme is the perfect tool for sports teams and leagues, and pretty much any groups which organise events, meets or matches who wish to increase membership, fan reach, user engagement and give back to the community in which they are active. Our solution is also extremely cost effective with no implementation fee and in cases of our "Selected Partner's" zero operational costs. 


Blockchain ecosystem comprised of multiple organisations. Rewarding the users and partners equitably in return for their contributions.

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Fully customisable, with personalised branding, making it the perfect tool to promote and encourage participation and maximise  user engagement. 

So how do we solve the issue of effective, affordable, mutually rewarding communication with members & fans? 


Incentivising user interaction through predetermined goals/tasks. The more the user interacts and accomplishes, the more they’re rewarded.

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Transparency and integrity thanks to blockchain, whilst working with high standards of corporate social responsibility.

Our solution is an incentivised photo & video sharing mobile app for teams, groups, members and fans of any given sporting or event activity. It's fully customisable, with personalised branding, and scalable in accordance with our partners’ needs. 

We aim to increase user engagement and revenue, by incentivising user interaction. Users will be rewarded for content creation and engagement through completing predetermined goals & tasks (such as Getting x number of likes for a post, inviting others to the app, connecting to health app, completing weekly fitness tasks, etc. ). The more users interact and accomplish, the more they’re rewarded, creating an extremely active and satisfied user base. And thanks to blockchain technology, all interactions, transactions and earnings are transparent and will be rewarded fairly, accurately and quickly.



Decentralised ecosystem built on the blockchain, creating transparency, integrity and opportunity.

Exposure & Income

​Increased exposure whilst reducing  marketing costs and benefitting from new revenue streams. 

Full Support

Full support to ensure smooth integration and maximum ecosystem contribution.

Admin Console

Manage all users and create push notifications through our easy to use admin console.  


All blockchain transactions are cryptographically secured and ensure the utmost data security, accessibility and integrity.

Sharing & Tags

Users can share posts to FaceBook & Twitter and tag other fans/users

Understanding Blockchain

in Two Minutes

The combination of our deep  belief in  team work, of building from the ground up with grass roots partners, coupled with our technology, transparency and security will give our ecosystem the competitive edge. 


Apply now to see if you qualify to become a Selected Partner. 


*Partners are selected by Rottweiler Productions on a case by case basis.

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