MDM is real-time photo & video sharing social media app, designed by football fans for football fans to share their own match day experiences. And view those of fellow fans & opposing fans in 1 feed and unites fans of all 92 English League clubs in one app.


The fans’ eye view of each club’s season, with the immediacy of social media & the longevity of a photo album.

When it comes to football the established social media platforms provide  broad sports coverage, that doesn’t give fans enough in-depth content about their team or league.

MDM puts all Leagues and Teams teams in 1 app. On sign up the user selects their team & builds their Squad of fellow fans with whom to interact, match by match throughout the season. 

With MDM clubs & fans are interconnected and reachable. The user is unable to build a picture of their team’s whole season on a match by match or event basis. 


Sharing & Tags

The Post

New Features

Fans, not "Friends"

No need to be "friends" with that bloke in the lower tier. If they're on MDM, and they're a fan of your club or the opposition, you'll see their posts in the match feed. 

The 92

All posts relating to other  teams can be viewed in MDM's  Global Feed, with team/game/fan search function. 

Squad Feed

​Follow other fans of yours or any other team and see all their posts in 1 place - your squad feed.  

Just 1 tap away from your Match Feed. 


Users  can share posts directly to their Facebook and Twitter accounts and can also tag otherusers.  

The Post

Posts will automatically upload to the feed you are viewing. 

So you can also like, share, and interact with other fans, teams and  fixtures.


Exciting new features: Live scores,  team news, game prediction contests and more  user incentivised actions coming soon.

MDM is not intended to rival match broadcasts. MDM is about capturing the atmosphere of the game, the excitement, the jubilation, the upset - the passion that is football. 

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