A network of user incentivised, event based social media apps being built on the Blockchain (DApps).



White Label Partners

Our White Label service creates the perfect tool for sports teams and leagues, and pretty much any groups which organise events, meets or matches to communicate directly with their members and fanbase. This is a fully customisable solution to the huge & costly issue of communication, marketing & PR,  which can be customised to meet the needs of our partners. Whilst  the emphasis is on fan reach and user engagement, our products offer our partners earning potential through a user incentivised engagement process built on the blockchain. Transparent, secure, equitable, with the potential to positively impact the communities in which our partners are active.


Sports teams, leagues and groups can start the process of joining our White Label Programme for free by filling in the White Label Application form now. 


MDM is a live, real-time photo and video sharing social media app. It is designed by football fans for football fans to share their own match day experiences as well as viewing those of fellow fans and opposing fans, without having to trawl the internet for feeds and content about their team.

So whether at the game, or in a bar / on the sofa anywhere around the globe, MDM unites fans of all 92 English League clubs in one app. 

MDM - Gives the immediacy of social media with the longevity of a photo album.


@vent is a photo & video sharing app where event organisers and their guests can share their images in a private online album; a solution for people who don’t use or don't want to share on social media, or where an event has too many guests to allow easy sharing of pictures post-event. 

Whether it’s a wedding, a hen party, a night on the town, or just a day out with friends, @vent will allow the party leader to create an event, invite guests to join the event and upload their pictures and videos to that event specific album. Only invited guests will be able to contribute and view the album




We're creating a powerful ecosystem comprised of multiple organisations on a decentralised blockchain network, enabling each organisation in our ecosystem to have its own customised blockchain media outlet to maximise the potential of social media and showcase their values and offering. All whilst simultaneously rewarding the ecosystem and its users equitably in return for their contributions in a fully transparent system on the blockchain. 


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